Friday, August 26, 2011

The state of the union_Post3

My creative process is research, idea thumbnails, middle size sketch, color study, color sketch, final drawing and color, and fix. When I get an assignment I will do my research first, to decide what kind of direction I want to go for. Once I decide that, I will do more research for more specific area that I want to work on. And I will try to do lots of idea thumbnail, to play with different ideas and position. Choose a couple effective thumbnail, and draw more detail. Then I will do a color study, make a color swatch that also can guide when I actually painting. And try the color on my thumbnail; just get quickly to see how the colors go well together or not. To the end, I will blow my detail drawing up and make a final drawing and put color on it. After all done, check it again and fix the problem.
I think my creative process should be just like my typical creative but just more. More research, thumbnail and try out more media.
Yuko Shimizu is a professional illustrator and also a teacher. Her creative process start with research, She reads through everything related to the story on internet, and look at every photo I need to look at. Then she starts thumbnail sketches. From the sketches she picks ones she like and go to pencil sketches. She draws on xerox paper with a pencil. After the sketch gets approved, then she blows the sketch up to the size she wants to draw and print out. Often times, I print out a few A3 sheets and tape together. Because she thinks she does better when she draws bigger. Then she cuts cold press watercolor paper to the size she need and trace the sketch loosely with pencil onto the paper. And then draw with ink with Japanese calligraphy brush onto the paper. Scan the drawing and the last step is to color it with Photoshop.

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