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List ten illustrators whose work you admire, or whose career you would like to emulate. Provide images.
Who are their clients? What sort of work do those clients look for?

There are many illustrators that I love, but these ten are the name or their work come up my mind the first ten; Peter de Seve, Yuko Shimizu, Norman Rockwell, Charles Dana Gibson, Peter Hoffmann, Bobby Chiu, Kei Acedera, Sergey Tyukanov, Nick Dewar, Robert Carter.

Peter de Seve’s work is used in many areas that including magazines, books, print/television advertising, and animated feature films. He is most know for illustrating New York magazine cover, character designs for film Ice Age movies. I think his client is looking for a character. Every character that he illustrates has a special personality.

Yuko Shimizu’s clients include Microsoft, Pepsi, VISA, MTV, TARGET, The Gap, T-Mobile, Neiman Marcus, Warner Elektra Atlantic Music, NPR, FUSE TV, M.A.C. Cosmetics, Pentagram, Sagmeister Inc., TIME, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, PLAYBOY, GQ, etc. Shimizu’s works mostly are ink and color in Photoshop, and has lots of line work and detail. Her client must be looking for some ink work and it has Japanese style.

Norman Rockwell’s client was The Saturday Evening Post magazine and he also worked for the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) for their publication Boys' Life and calendars. For Both Saturday Evening Post magazine and BSA, I think they are looking for the work of illustrations for everyday life scenarios.

Charles Dana Gibson works for Life magazine over 30 years, best known for his creation of the Gibson Girl. He also works for major New York publications, Harper's Weekly, Scribners and Collier's. Later he became the editor and eventual owner of Life. Most of his clients are magazine publication, and they are looking for a black and white inking work that illustrates about our society at the moment.

Peter Hoffmann is working as a lecturer for drawing and layout at the University of Applied Sciences, Trier, Germany. He has been designing logos for person and company. Hoffmann is not only an illustrator and also a graphic designer. And I think that’s one of the big reasons his client chose him, his work is very playful with lines.

Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera are working in the Imaginaism studio, there work specializes in movie pre-production and children's books. Bobby has designed Disney, Warner Bros., and Star Wars toys at Thinkway Toys in Toronto, Canada. He presently works as an illustrator for film and teaches digital painting online at and publishes art books. Kei is the art director and co-owner of Imaginism Studios Inc. Kei's works in upcoming films from Sony, Warner Bros. and Universal Studios, and in children's books from Harper Collins. Their client is mostly deal with children, so I believe they are looking for some work that is playful and full of imagination.

About Sergey Tyukanov, I cannot find his client list, but his work is displayed in a lot exhibits around country. And he is also a children’s book illustrator.

Nick Dewar has work for many companies, such us GQ, The New York Times, Times, Playboy…etc. Corporate work has been done for Abercrombie and Fitch, Ann Taylor, Citibank…etc. Illustrated book jackets for Bloomsbury, Little Brown, Macmillan, Penguin, Random House, Viking and Vintage. Nick has a lot of clients. According to his work, I think his client is looking for work that is simple but also strong. His work is very clean and simple but it communicates very clear on the idea.

Robert Carter also has a long client list. There are American Airlines, Boy’s life magazine, Washington Post, CAA, Penguin Publishing…etc. His clients are looking for an illustrator that can communicate well and focus on today’s society environment.

Go to a bookstore with a large magazine section, like Barnes & Noble or Borders. Find at least ten magazines that you think you could work for. Consider both the content of the magazine and the type of illustration, if any, that they use. Record they names of the art director and any assistant art director's listed, and their contact information.

Time: D.W.Pine

Baga Traveler: Phillip Lee

GQ: Warren Jackson

Crafts: Stephen Coates, Henretta Mdiuavo (

Communication Art: Tricia Seibold

If you were starting your own magazine and your livelihood depended on it selling well and your sanity depended on it being something you wanted to spend all you time on, what would it be? What sorts of writers and artists would you hire? What subject matter would it deal with? How would you want it to look?

If I were starting my own magazine and my livelihood depended on it selling well. It will be a magazine about Asian stuff, mostly will be art and it will also be about the culture, living and new invention. I will hire of course Asian writers and artists, who are from all over the world. Also some foreigner that live in Asian. Most important is that they have talent, their creativity make the reader not just like to read this magazine but buy it! Since it is a magazine about Asian, I want it to have mystery feel to it. I want it to attract the viewer’s eye, and would like to open it.

List ten non-magazine clients that you would like to work with. Why are these dream clients? Find and record their contact information.
Pixar(, Disney(,
Penguin Publishing(, Harper Collins(, DreamWorks(,
Studio Ghibli(,
New York times(
Because they are all crazy famous company. If I can work for those company, I would feel like my work is being recognized and approved.

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