Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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I like working in acrylic, oil, cut paper, and Adobe Illustrator. All those are very forgettable. I like oil more than acrylic, because oil dries slower. Cut paper just remind me about the art class in the elementary school, and I like the feeling of having lots of paper around because it makes me feel that I work really hard. Specially, you always can lay other media on top the paper to create different result. I just learned how to do draw in Adobe illustrator last semester, and I fell in love with it. I figure I can easily create a paper cut feeling in illustrator; I also use Adobe Photoshop to help me some time.

I hate working in watercolor and painting on Photoshop. Maybe I should not say hate, simply because I am not good at it. I do not have much patient, and watercolor is all about laying color. It is not much forgettable. I am not good with color, so to the end everything will become really dark. Coloring in Photoshop I just do not get it. I feel like I might be able to do faster in Acrylic or oil.

I would like to try gouache but I have not. It is because the money I think. I do not have any gouache with me, and every time I want to try and I think I have to spend money on it. And I heard you have to mix the color you want in one time, to make sure you can get same color again. I amused that it need a lots tubes to finish a painting.

There are three non-illustration classes, Idea, Process and Criticism (IPC), Design system and Drawing composition, have influenced my work positively. Even though everybody hate this course. But it really help me learn how to do research and process them. From the design class I know how to arrangement my illustration and text and choosing a right type face. Although I am still not very good at choose a font. Through the drawing composition class, I know more about how to create a dynamic drawing composition and not afraid to try mix many different media.

In my class, every body is an illustrator but everyone has their own style or working process. I do not like to talk in front of lost people, but I like to critic. I like to hear about how my peers process their work and what their new experience. The work of my peers has influenced my work. If I see somebody’s work and style are attractive to me, I will try to apply it in to my work also.

I do not have a typical subject matter that I like to create work about. But in the future I would love to create a work that may teach people a lesson or make fun of some thing, everything that is around our live.

I do not like to read, even in my native language. And I know I need to work on it. But I do like to read magazines that teach you how to cook and become healthier. I also read fashion magazine sometime and to dream about I can have one of the purse one day. Actually, I just borrowed a book from library last week, “notes from the dog” by Gary Paulsen. It will be the third book that I have completely read in English.

I like to listen to pop music and love songs. I listen to radio every day and they usually play pop music, that is easy to remember but they do not last long. Love songs, they could easily touch my heart, and I think I am pretty emotional. For the love song part more classical more tasty just like a bottle of wine.

Except art, I know a little bit about Html and CSS coding, to make a wed site. I am interested in surfing but not well at it yet, and trying different type of foods and cooking. I love to travel, especially after I came to America, I know more people that from every where in the world and every where has there own culture. It push my desire of traveling more deep.

There is not a thing that I can think about I likes but nobody else likes. I like to laugh out loud. But usually when you do this in the public, people do not like it.

If I had to run the world’s museums, I would like to own as many original art as I can. If I can only chose three, which will be The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, The Luncheon on the Grass by Edouard Manet and Along the River During the Qingming Festival by Chinese artist Zhang Zeduan. Three pretty different style of painting. I appreciate Van Gogh’s work since I was little, his usage of colors are very attractive to me. I learn a lot of about Manet in my fist year, from his work I found bravery. The last one is a Chinese painting, describe people’s activity during the Qingming festival. Amazing about this painting is it is 208 inches long.

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