Friday, August 26, 2011

The state of the union_Post2

The Giraffe is my personal favorite piece because the illustration was fun to create. All the characters inside has a different personality, and I do like to create characters. The use of color, I like the way different colors lay on one and the others. At first it was a mistake and I learn from the beautiful mistake.

I think other people like the City in the Sky the most. They like the strangeness of this illustration. A castle supported by a pair of chicken legs in the air. Also the detail of the castle. I do agree with them. Because I did a lot of research about different type of castle in order to create my own one.

The play cards project is the one that surprised me the most. I start out with a very different direction. First I used ink to create, out line and painting in the Photoshop. But it end up every card seems has very dissimilar style and very close to the original character that Disney created. At that moment I learn how to draw the style I want to in Illustrator. And I love this style that I am going for. Is very flat and I know what I am doing. I keep all the cards in the same style and I also put design element into. So through this project I am not just learn illustration part but also design.
I do not have any sketches i like as much as my finished pieces. But I still choose five that I think they are not too bad as a fast sketch.

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