Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lecture1: Tyree Guyton

On Tuesday we have a visiting artist, Tyree Guyton. At first they show the video about his first project, Heidelberg project.The movie is pretty touching although i found it creepy during some scene. Guyton asked the audience many times "What is art today?" He point out art is every thing, what we see and do not see. Which i agree with him. I appreciate his work that bring the happiness to his community and improve the urban environment. Through his action i can see inspiration and creativity. The only thing I wish he could do is be more prepared for the lecture. As a future artist, I believe reading and writing is important too. According Guyton said early, everything is art! So we should do everything like we are making art.
"We have constantly looked high, when we should have looked high––and low." – Alice Walker

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